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Workin’ for a Living

Posted by nattya61 on December 3, 2009

The hubby needs a stable job. Working in a restaurant might be great because of the free food and all, but a stable job it’s not. He also needs off his feet. The poor guy has the knees and back of a 70-year-old man, or at least he feels like it sometimes.

Today, I sent out five applications for him, all to the company I work for, but in a different department where he’s more qualified. Now, you may be asking, “Do you really want to work with your husband?” My answer, “Of course!” No, we won’t get tired of each other. We aren’t competitive with each other outside of Wii. And, I work for a really good company with nice people and good benefits. We’d be so lucky if he could work here too. Nick would have to be in daycare then, but with how I manage our budget, we could definitely afford daycare with the jump in pay Bryan would get by working here. Yes, it would definitely be an amazing thing for us.

My plan, just apply for every job he’s qualified for until they are so tired of seeing his resume that they give him an interview and then a job.

Please, send positive thoughts our way!

Hire my daddy!


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