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Posted by nattya61 on July 9, 2012

We found out about a month ago that Bryan has diabetes. He hadn’t been feeling right, and he was having a lot of spells of his blood sugar dropping really fast, so he finally decided to go see a doctor. They ordered a fasting blood sugar test. Boy, was Bryan scared. He has a phobia of needles as it is, but being scared of the results on top of that really made him nervous. He did great with the blood draw, though, but it came back that he is diabetic. The doctor put him on two medicines, no shots, to get his sugar under control. He also started a pretty strict diet. No more ice cream, cake, cookies, regular soda, or jelly beans. It was hard at first, but it’s getting easier.

He’s been checking his sugar, and each week it keeps getting more normal. The only problem now is I think the Amaryl┬áis causing his sugar to drop too quickly. He just never seems right when he takes that pill. His follow-up appointment is set for Thursday, so I’m hoping the doctor simply takes him off of that one since I think the Metformin is working well enough on its own. Plus, he tolerates that one really well.

It’s been quite a change in our household, but if it makes us all healthier as a result, then it’s worth┬áit.


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