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Quick Rant

Posted by nattya61 on June 25, 2012

I’ve been pretty good lately about ignoring the things that piss me off. I just let them roll off my back and try to forget. But, today I ran across a blog that’s goal is to “teach and train our daughters in the homemaking arts to the glory of God.” What. The. Fuck?! I’m not going to link the blog here because I don’t want to draw any more traffic to her site, but you can Google it if you are in good need of a vomit-fest.

How can, in 2012, people expect their daughter’s goal in life to be a frigging baby making/raising machine? I just don’t get it. We should encourage girls to get an education, to have a fulfilling career. If they want to stay at home when the kids are little, fine, whatever. But, the word “homemaker” implies the career is taking care of the home, including the husband and the kids. I’m sorry, but my husband can take care of his damn self (which he does quite well) and we take care of the house and kid together…as a team…as a family unit…not as the little wifey and her big strong asshole husband. Nick will be raised to respect women, and to find a strong one, not Betty Crocker.


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