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Movin’ on Up!

Posted by nattya61 on May 29, 2012

We did it. Last month we finally moved to a much, and I mean MUCH nicer apartment. We are in the same school district (the one that I think has the best elementary school in town), but in a better, safer area. The apartment is so different from where we were before. Here is a list of just some of the differences and you can see for yourself just why we are so happy to have moved:

  • The apartment is clean. When we moved into the old apartment, it was dirty. The carpets were nasty. Even the ceiling was dirty. The new apartment is clean everywhere. The carpets were shampooed (and have no stains). The walls are freshly painted. The oven and refridgerator are clean. It’s amazing.
  • There are no spiders. The old apartment had brown recluses all over the place from March to September every year. We haven’t seen one in the month we’ve been at this new apartment. We’ve seen one fly in the apartment. That’s the only bug so far.
  • There is no cigarette smoke smell. In the old apartment, everytime the downstairs neighbor was home, the whole place would reek of cigarette smoke because it seeped up from her apartment. It was so bad that we couldn’t store anything under the sinks or they’d smell like smoke.
  • Everything works. All the burners on the oven work. The air conditioner turns on when I want it too. All the light sockets work. The wall outlets all work.
  • We don’t have to turn the faucet handles in a very specific way to keep the water from dripping.
  • If it’s windy, it doesn’t sound like the windows are going to fall into the apartment because they are actually sealed right here.
  • The water tastes better. I know…it’s weird. The water at the other place was a weird color and had a really bad smell and taste. We had to use a filter there. We don’t have to use the filter anymore because it’s clear here and smells like…well, like nothing.
  • The dryer works. I have no idea why the new apartment makes a difference on this either, but at the old place we had to dry a load through at least three cycles to get it dry. Now, we just have to dry them through one cycle. It’s great!
  • Our neighbors are quiet, friendly, and not creepy.
  • If something breaks (when we first moved in the hall closet got stuck), someone is right there to fix it, no questions asked, and no grumbling.
  • The new apartment has a pool! And cable! And free internet! And a free YMCA membership!
  • The grass is clean outside…with no dog poop every few steps.

Yes, it’s like living in a different world. Everything is just brighter now. It’s nice having a place to really call home…and to be proud to call home. We are so happy to be done with Debco Properties.

We’ve been buying some new furniture and decorating a bit more (Nick’s bathroom has a Mickey Mouse theme…we went all out for it as a bit of a potty training incentive). Even Nick is happier. When we went to look at the apartment he asked us, “Can we stay here?” Even at three-years-old, he could tell where the better place to be was. It took him a week to get used to sleeping in his new room, but now he loves it. He transitioned very well, but I think that’s mostly due to the fact that he liked the new place as much as me and Bryan.

Nick is constantly saying that he wants to “swim in water.” He loves the pool!


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