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One of Those Days

Posted by nattya61 on April 9, 2011

Ever have one of those days where it seems like you are just up and down the entire day? Well, it’s only 12:30, but so far, my day has totally been that. I feel bad about complaining because really, it’s just little things. Our microwave broke. Not a big deal really. It’s not something we can live without. Plus, they already said we’d have a new one by the end of next week. We can live without a microwave for a week. It just bugs me. The stupid thing turns on when you open it! That has to be dangerous. Yeah, I unplugged the thing.

I don’t think the microwave would have bothered me so much if it wouldn’t have crapped out on me right in the middle of a two hour…yes, two hour phone call with AT&T. Actually, it was a series of phone calls, all being transferred to a different person or dropped or sent to a message saying, “We’re sorry, but our offices are closed. Please call back…blah blah.” Why was I on the phone with them? Simply to unlock my account. Two hours, and no one could help! I was steaming mad! Finally, after a half hour of calming myself down, I played around with the site a bit more and finally figured it out myself. I think I’m spoiled at work where I can just call the Help Desk and in 5 minutes or less things are usually fixed. It makes me appreciate my company a lot more!

On the upside, Nicholas and I had a pretty fun morning. The weather is so nice today so we went outside and he ran and played in the grass for a long time. He loved it and wore himself out, which is always a plus! Here are some pictures of his fun outside this morning:

Hopefully, the rest of the day will be a bit less frustrating. I think I’ll break out the PlayDoh this afternoon and let Nick go to town. Fun times!


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