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Nicholas Is Two!!

Posted by nattya61 on April 6, 2011

Yesterday, Nicholas had his second birthday! Bryan and I were both off Saturday through yesterday, so Nicholas basically had four days of birthday. He definitely enjoyed his long birthday weekend!

We picked Elmo as the theme for his birthday this year since “Elmo” was one of the first words he ever said. I decorated the living room and kitchen and dining room all in Elmo and Sesame Street. When Nick woke up and saw everything he started saying, “Elmo, Elmo!” over and over. We’ll probably have to keep some of the decorations in his room from now on.

Nick loved the Elmo balloons.

Bryan and I made the cake ourselves. We had never worked with fondant before, so it was quite a challenge. I think we did a  pretty good job, though, considering we had never worked with the stuff before. The cake tasted awesome too, which is always a plus!

Too cute to eat!

We used Wilton fondant. It was surprisingly tasty!

The kitchen table all decorated.

It was great to see Dad and Linda at the party. Nicholas loves his grandparents. I just wish we got to see them more often. Once we get enough bills paid off so Bryan can quit the restaurant business, we’ll be able to travel to Salem a lot more because we’ll have our weekends back. It’ll be 3 years at the most…that time can’t come fast enough!

He's not sure about the cake at first.

Then he digs in. He ate all the chocolate.

He just licked the yellow cake.

He opened some presents until he was tuckered out.

Then, he kissed Grandma and Grandpa goodbye.

Overall it was a great long weekend. I can’t believe my little man is two already!!

Yesterday morning we took Nick for his two-year professional pictures. He did pretty good. He wanted to sit and sing his ABC’s instead of smiling for the camera. We still got some pretty good pictures.

I love this one!

Cute close-up.

Cute little toes!

My favorite!

So sweet!


Saying, "Hi!"

Happy Birthday, Nicholas! We love you!


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