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15 Months

Posted by nattya61 on July 12, 2010

Nick had his 15 month well-baby check-up on Wednesday afternoon. He is so cute at the doctor. When she tries to listen to his chest he grabs her hand and tries to move it away like, “Don’t touch me, woman!” He is finally on the charts for weight. He’s been eating the same. That boy loves his milk. However, he’s been really active and had a major growth spurt in height.

30.75 pounds (97th percentile)
34 inches (off the charts)
19.5 inch head (97th percentile)

He’s growing on the curve just as he should be. The doctor said he’s just like a normal two year old. Haha!

She checked his hips because one time (I think at his nine month appointment), she thought she heard a click. They were just fine this time, and he is walking really well, so that’s all good.

Then, it was on to his shots. He had to get four…poor boy! He cried, screamed, and looked at us like, “Why?!” Bryan cried. He always does. It’s so sweet. The doctor has seen measles recently here in Springfield, so even though the shots are a bit traumatizing for him, they are still better than getting sick. At his 18 month visit, Nick only has to get one shot, and then he’s done until he’s four! Wohoo!

At the end of each visit the doctor always asks if we have any questions. We never do. It’s always an awkward moment because really, we have nothing to ask. Nick sleeps through the night, eats well, is extremely “regular,” and doesn’t get sick. He is cranky sometimes (she saw some molars trying to come in, which explains why), and he’s stubborn, but we know how to handle it. So, we always just say, “Nope, no questions…we’ll call if we think of something.” Should we have questions?

Maybe we should ask, “Why does he always walk/crawl around with a toy in his mouth?” Haha!


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