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Mother’s Day

Posted by nattya61 on May 10, 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with Mother’s Day. On one hand, it’s nice now that I am a mother and can think to myself, Yeah, that’s right, it’s my day. Go me! But, on the other hand, it’s really just another Hallmark created holiday to get people to spend, spend, spend. You don’t have to be a MacArthur Fellow to get knocked up, nor should there have to be a set holiday before a mother gets a present and/or taken out to dinner.

Also, Mother’s Day isn’t necessarily fun at the Kendall house since Bryan and I have both lost our mothers. Being parents now does help to further along the healing (though, I don’t think you ever really heal from losing a parent completely), but in ways it also makes it worse. June 12 of this year, Mom will have been dead 8 years. This year, Bryan’s mom will have been gone 18 years. We are both at different stages and have dealt with the losses differently, especially since losing a parent when you’re 12 is a vastly different experience than losing one at age 22, but when it comes to Nick, we both think the same things, and Mother’s Day really brings that out.

They’ll never get to hold him.
They’ll never get to hear his voice.
They won’t get to pinch the little rolls on his legs.
They won’t get to say, “He looks like me.”
They won’t get a Mother’s Day “I love you, Grandma!” card from him.

It’s hard. To someone who has lost a mother, Mother’s Day is just Hallmark’s way of creating memories that won’t be made.


One Response to “Mother’s Day”

  1. nattya61 said

    Thanks, girl! You’d think it would get easier after all these years, and in ways it does, but in others it still seems like it’s only been a year since she passed. So weird.

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