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Anniversaries, Shots, and Books, Oh My!

Posted by nattya61 on April 28, 2010

So far it seems like we’ve filled an entire week into just three days.

Monday was our second wedding anniversary. Bryan took off work that day so we could go out to dinner. We chose Zio’s since they have a good kid’s menu and even better calamari. Nicholas ate bread, mac and cheese, and we shared our Italian Wedding Cake dessert with him. By the time we left, Nicholas was covered in cheese. I didn’t care, though, because he was stuffed and happy. I was surprised at how good he was, but he was very good. Very messy, but good nonetheless.

Yesterday we noticed Nick had a little round rash on his leg right where he got his chicken pox vaccination. Now, I’m not a fan of vaccinations. I think the whole system could be done better, they could be tested more, spread out better, but I still get Nicholas vaccinated. A lot of people disagree with vaccinations, but here’s why we vax:

Just because most diseases have been eradicated in the US doesn’t mean they have everywhere. People travel, into and out of this country all the time, some have been vaccinated, some have not. I’d rather Nicholas not have to worry about running into someone with the measles or whatnot. I want him to be able to travel the world and/or come into contact with different people from different cultures and not have to worry about something that I can prevent by getting him vaccinated now.

Stepping off soapbox.

So, we found a rash. It worried us because it popped up 14 days after he got his shots. Bryan called the doctor and made an appointment for today, but they told us to ice it and if it’s better by today to call them back and they’d reevaluate if he has to go in or not. They were worried that it may be infected, which is why they wanted to see him in the first place since he doesn’t have a fever or any other symptoms. Last night, I gave Nick a cool bath, put a cold compress on the spot while he ate dinner and drank his bottle, then I put cortisone cream on it. Just a little. Nick weighs as much as a two year old, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt him any. This morning, the spot is almost gone! End mom-worry.

Last week Bryan took Nicholas to Story Time at the Library Center. Nicholas screamed. Sunday we took Nicholas back to the library to get him more used to it. I hadn’t been to a non-university library in years. It’s different. The place is so big, but they really didn’t seem to have much…at least much of worth. Their philosophy section was greatly lacking. Barnes and Noble has more. It was like how McDonald’s Iced Mocha is coffee for people who don’t really like coffee. The Library Center was a library for people who don’t really like to read. A Silhouette Desire is fun every now and then, but shouldn’t a library also have books (more than two or three) that make people, oh, I don’t know… think? Anyway, it still has good books for kids, and good kids’ programs, so today, right now actually, Bryan has Nicholas there again for Story Time. I really hope he’s not screaming.

Late this afternoon is a baby shower for a coworker and friend at work. His wife is due in two weeks with a little girl, their first baby. I’m excited! As much as I love having my little boy, it was still nice to shop for something pink and to decorate a little pink bag. Everyone is having girls right now. Bryan’s boss’s girlfriend, his coworker Jenna, my cousin Mikki, and a couple sorority sisters are all pregnant with girls. I only know one person right now who is having a boy (well, boys, twins!). Nicholas is going to have a lot of girls to choose from when he’s older. Haha!

Well, that’s what’s been going on around here. Hope all is well with everyone!

Watch out girls. The blue eyes will get ya!


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