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Yum! Weekend.

Posted by nattya61 on April 19, 2010

Saturday we were busy as usual. Shopping, cleaning, and prepping the teriyaki for the next day. I also went ahead and made the dessert pizza that afternoon. It was awesome! That evening we watched Julie & Julia. It was good. I love Julia, of course, but I couldn’t really completely and totally like Julie. We also finally finished Repo: The Genetic Opera. I say finally finished because we watched it in 30 minute intervals, partly because we had to watch it when Nick napped (it was a little too bloody for him) and because it was just very slow. Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy) was amazing, just like I thought he would be. Even Paris Hilton was good in the movie (yes, I can’t believe I just typed that either), but the movie was painfully slow.

Sunday afternoon we went to the mall. I had a $10 off coupon for JC Penney, so even though I really need to lay off the JCP card, we went there first. We got Nick a pair of swim trunks, a romper, and a shirt (that’s not on their website, but it’s 3T so he will grow into it).

Nick liked the red ones.

Yes, it's "babyish" but these are really easy to wear.

Total spent: $6! I couldn’t believe it either.

Then, since we were really just hanging out and didn’t have any other shopping to do, we decided to take Nicholas to the playground in the mall. Bryan didn’t really want to go. I guess he thought it might be too dirty, or that Nick wouldn’t like it. But, when we got there someone was working on disinfecting the equipment. They clean it every afternoon, so Bryan wasn’t worried about that as much, and the second we got Nick out of his stroller and set him on the ground, he grinned. He loved playing there. He even interacted well with the other kids. He didn’t cry or wasn’t scared. He giggled and laughed and crawled all over the place. He walked a lot holding just one of my hands too. He’ll be walking on his own soon enough. (Which is actually almost more scary than anything else. Ha! Nick will really be into everything then.)

Walking with Daddy.

Sitting in the big blue car.

After playing there for about maybe an hour, Nicholas was exhausted. He didn’t want to quit playing, though, but it was time to go home and start supper.

The teriyaki steak and vegis only took about 45 minutes to make. Everything turned out great! Nicholas didn’t eat too much of it, but he did seem to like it. Bryan on the other hand ate so much that we had no leftovers.

Better than takeout.

I can’t wait for the day where Bryan works a normal schedule and we can cook together more than just on weekends. But, with the way things are now, it really makes us appreciate every second of the weekend. We still haven’t taken Nick to the park to play, but now I think he’ll really enjoy it. We’ll have to do that this coming weekend. Age 1 is fun! Nicholas always gives me new things to look forward to!


One Response to “Yum! Weekend.”

  1. nattya61 said

    It was so good! I added some rice vinegar, a little ginger, and a bit of sugar to the rice to make it taste more like sushi rice. I realized, the difference between sushi vinegar and regular rice vinegar is a little sugar. Who knew? Haha!

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