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Nick’s One Year Appointment

Posted by nattya61 on April 13, 2010

We took Nick to the doctor this afternoon for his one year appointment. He weighs 29.5 pounds and is 31.5 inches long. The doctor asked Bryan if he has a big head. He’s like, “Um, yeah.” Then she said, “Nick’s doing great! He’s just a big boy!” That made me happy.

He got three shots (no MMR yet, thankfully as they don’t do that one until 15 months) and a finger prick to test to make sure he’s not anemic. His hemoglobin level is 13, so that’s good. He’s normal. He was really good during the finger prick too. He didn’t cry until the shots. Then, he screamed, and cried, and Bryan cried. My poor guys.

The only question I had was about the rash Nick keeps getting on his back. We thought it was a heat rash, but new-mom-brain was also making me paranoid it was something worse. It doesn’t bother him, but it just won’t go completely away. She looked at it and said it wasn’t a heat rash; it’s eczema. Whew! She said to just put a little aquaphor on it if it gets too bad, but other than that it’s nothing to worry about. He just has sensitive skin like both me and Bryan.  

Another appointment down.

Tomorrow we pick up Nick’s pictures from JC Penney! Yay!

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