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Working Out for the Best

Posted by nattya61 on March 31, 2010

I really hate it when someone says, “Things will work out for the best,” because honestly, sometimes they just don’t. This week, we got lucky, though.

First, as I’m sure you all wanted to know this, I was late. Now, this can be normal, of course, but I started back on Metformin earlier this month (the best pill ever besides birth control), so I was a little extra scared as it can make your body go wonky until you’re used to it again. Well, after three days of worrying, I had to go buy a box of tampons after all, but for those of you who’ve read some of my previous posts, you probably know how freaked out I was. Yeah…that would have been a nightmare.

Second, Bryan was only given two days on the schedule at work next week. He’s taking some time off this week for Nick’s birthday. The last time he took time off (Christmas) his boss got mad and cut his schedule for the next week. Passive aggressive much? We thought, here we go again. Bryan went in this morning to talk it out with him. Ended up that no, he wasn’t mad. He didn’t like it that Bryan couldn’t work this weekend (like it’s our fault Nick’s birthday is on Easter this year…if I had a choice his birthday would have been on St. Patrick’s Day…not Easter…but I digress…), but he understood and wasn’t mad. It’s just how the schedule happened to fall next week for other various reasons. Bryan is going to work on picking up a couple extra days to make up the difference. Disaster averted. I seriously thought I was going to have to go up there, though, and give them a piece of my mind while trying not to get Bryan fired in the process. With my mouth, that would have been difficult.

Third, Nicholas fell last night. He falls all the time (one of the joys of trying to learn how to walk), but this time he hit his chin on one of his toys and somehow either bit the inside of his upper lip or knocked his lower teeth into his upper teeth or gums, I’m not sure. He was crying, bleeding, and would not let me look in his mouth to see what was going on. I wiped him off and got him to laugh, so he calmed down pretty quickly. The bleeding stopped pretty quickly too, which made me at least feel like he didn’t need to go to the doctor. I got enough of a look to see his bottom teeth were ok, but it wasn’t until this morning that he let us look at his top teeth. They are all there and intact, but I still can’t tell exactly what he did. Poor guy. Mommy’s not fast enough to catch him every time.

Lastly, money. I always worry about money. This is where I am my father’s child. Our utility bill is always a surprise. I’m always worried about it and try to do what I can to keep it down. This month, I thought it might be more. We’ve done more laundry (Nick learning to eat real food by himself makes things pretty messy) and used the air conditioner (it gets really hot in our upstairs apartment), but it ended up being $20 less than last month! That’s $20 extra that we can use on our trip to Salem. Lee’s Chicken here we come!

In the end, everything actually did work out for this week. Today is my last day at work before my vacation for Nick’s First Birthday, and I can actually relax now. I’m excited about baking Nick’s cake and getting to see him smash it all to pieces. It’s going to be a good weekend!

Almost a Birthday Boy!


One Response to “Working Out for the Best”

  1. nattya61 said

    Oh yeah! Lots of pictures! I’m just hoping he doesn’t scream at everyone. He’s going through stranger anxiety pretty bad right now.

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