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Just a Little OCD

Posted by nattya61 on March 29, 2010

I like things to be a certain way. Growing up, everyone just said, “That’s the Pace in you.” My great-grandpa, Alvie Pace, was very particular about how things “should” be. My grandpa had that same trait, and so did my mom. If the movie cases weren’t facing in the right directions she just couldn’t stand it until they were fixed. From her house to her fingernails, everything was exactly how she wanted it. There wasn’t a snag in sight.

Now, I’m not quite as bad, but I’m still pretty obsessive-compulsive. If the coffee table is dirty, I just cannot do anything else until I’ve cleaned it. If Nick’s books are on the floor on the living room, I have to pick them up. Now, when it comes to Nick’s room, there’s toys everywhere, and I’m actually fine with that. As long as the mess is confined to his room, I’m good. But, it’s almost as if I can’t breathe if I leave his books over the living room floor.

This neatfreakiness of mine extends to lists. I’ve always written lists for things, but after having Nick, I don’t feel like there’s as much room in my head anymore, so I write everything down. In front of me right now I have three lists just for the first three days of the week. One is for work, one is for errands, and another is a list of what I need to pick up at Target during one of those errands. Since we are going to Salem on Friday and will be there until late Sunday for Nick’s birthday, I have two more lists for that at home. One list is for stuff we need to pack, and another is for what we need to do from getting Nick’s first year pictures done on Thursday to getting groceries on Monday. Being out of town for Nick’s birthday messes with my OCD mind a little…which brings me to the point of this post.

I’ve been freaking out a little. A big part of OCD is control. And, with having Nick’s party at someone else’s house, even if it is my dad’s, it still takes a large amount of that control away from me. First, timing. When am I going to be able to make the icing and decorate the cake? Friday night, Saturday morning? I want to do it Friday night, but will other stuff be going on? Who knows.

Second, the pet factor. They have pets. A lot of them. So, if I decorate the cake Friday night, where can I put it so the cat’s won’t eat it? In the fridge? Will there be room? On the table? Can’t we just lock the cats up in the basement? (Dad said “No” to that one. Damn!)

Third, decorating? Will I be able to decorate Friday or Saturday? Will the pets mess up the decorations? Will they mind me moving all their stuff around so it looks the way I want it to?

Control…it’s been taken away for a couple days and I’m freaking out here!

Yes, I know these are small things in the big scheme of life, but still…these are the things that bug me.

I am my mother’s child.

Nick Pic!


One Response to “Just a Little OCD”

  1. nattya61 said

    Thanks! And will do…”camera” and “batteries” are both on my packing list. Haha!

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