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What a Week!

Posted by nattya61 on March 18, 2010

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Nothing horrible or gut wrenching (Other than hearing that Jesse James cheated on Sandy Bullock…I mean, dude! I totally hope she kicked him in the nuts.). But it’s still been just a wee bit crazy. Usually, I have either work or home to “escape” to when the other goes a little wonky, but not this week.

First, work. That’s an easy one to explain. My computer hates me. They might have to rebuild my Windows. Whatever that means. It won’t download anything. Updates, new programs I need. Nada. It’s frustrating. I don’t know how to fix it. The tech people don’t know how to fix it. Talk about slowing down productivity.

Now, at home. We’ve all been sick. Last week I was terribly sick from Wednesday through Sunday. Nick got sick Thursday. Bryan got sick Sunday. Fever, coughing, no appetite, stuffy nose. We had the plague. The doctor said it wasn’t pig flu, but I wonder. They didn’t do a test or anything. I’ve felt much better this week, but I’ve still barely had a voice. Nick is a lot better. He still coughs some, but no fever. Bryan is just now starting to feel better, and he’s never sick this long, so that’s really odd for him.

Since Nick’s been sick, his sleep patterns have been weird. He naps more during the day and then is up more at night. Last night he was up from 2-5AM. No rest for the weary is totally an appropriate cliche here.

Other than all that, though, things have been pretty normal. I mean, things could definitely be worse. After work I have to run to Target because Nick is out of fruit. I’m seriously ready for him to be on table food. He’s getting there. His gag reflex is getting a lot better, but this virus slowed progress down some. He just hasn’t been as hungry. He’d rather drink from a regular cup than anything else, and the chunks in the 3rd foods made him gag again. I know this will get better once he’s totally better. I couldn’t eat from Wednesday through Sunday myself…and that’s odd for me. I can always eat. So, I’m not worried about Nick too much since I just went through the same thing. I’m just so ready for the day where I can just feed him what me and Bryan are eating. So very ready!

I also have to go to Target for another reason. Nick broke his booster seat, and we need one to take with us to Salem on his birthday. He broke the tray clean off…and not in a way where we can just glue it back on either. He’s a strong, destructive little guy.

Don't let him fool you.

This week was also St. Pat’s. Oh, the St. Pat’s stories of yesteryear that I have. Maybe if I have time I’ll tell you a little about it later.

St. Pat's baby.


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