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First Haircut

Posted by nattya61 on March 8, 2010

Friday evening we took Nick with us while I got my hair cut. He paid attention somewhat. The experience didn’t scare him, so we hoped he would be okay the next day when we got his hair cut. He didn’t cry or scream, but the little guy was mad!

We got to Cookie Cutters a little after 2PM. They didn’t seem to mind that we were late for our appointment. They asked us to pick out a movie for Nick to watch. We chose Curious George. Then we got to pick out which station for him to sit at. Nicholas knew something was going to happen. He was curious at everything that was going on, but he didn’t want us to put him down in the red firetruck seat that we picked for him to get his hair cut in. He sat there, though, and just looked around at everything.

Tentatively smiling at us.

We brought Pup with us to distract Nick, but that didn’t work. He didn’t want to watch Curious George either. He had already been traumatized by the car wash that morning, so I don’t think he was trusting us too much at this point.

What's going on, Mommy?

Then, the lady came over to cut his hair. She was very nice and really patient. Nicholas didn’t cry when she touched his hair. We were shocked! He still didn’t like it, though.

What's she doing?

Ok...this doesn't hurt.

Is she done yet?


Poor baby!

Oh boy. He’s so cute!

After it was all over, they took his picture (he didn’t smile), gave us some of his hair, and a little certificate. Nick wasn’t happy with us until we got home.

Getting ready for a bath, with his new haircut!

I think he forgave us.


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