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Posted by nattya61 on March 3, 2010

The whole milk/sippy cup transition is not going well. I got home from work Monday to find Bryan and Nick having a face off. Nick in is highchair. Bryan on the couch. Staring at each other. Nick throwing the sippy cup. Bryan giving it back to him. Nick screaming. Bryan looking at him. This had been going on for an hour. It was a battle of wills and neither player was going to give in.

Yesterday it was the same, only Nick didn’t scream as much. We are trying the one feeding=sippy cup a day approach until he is used to it, then add another, and so on leaving his bedtime bottle to be the last to go. This is going to be a very very long process, I fear. Nicholas is just too stubborn, and he loves his bottle. He’s like an 80 year old man set in his ways.

He might be smiling, but that's just because he's a camera whore. Look at the anger in his eyes!

We should have named him Wilburn.

Though, from what Bryan’s dad says, maybe we should have named him Bryan Jr. When we tell Nicholas “no” (like when he’s trying to stick his hands in the VCR)…yes, we still have a VCR…he looks at us, and continues right on doing it. We’ve tried time out. When the time out is done, he crawls right back to whatever we were telling him not to do. Maybe he’s just too young to get it. I don’t know. But, Bryan’s dad says he was the same way. Bryan even used to hit his head on the floor when he was mad, just like Nicholas does now. My two crazy boys!

I’ve decided to go ahead and make an appointment to get Nick’s hair cut. We picked Cookie Cutters because they sent me a $3 off coupon by e-mail. I tried to e-mail the Springfield salon to make an appointment, but the e-mail got bounced back, so now I’m going to have to call them. I hate talking on the phone. I like to talk to Bryan, Gail, Lisa, and Dad…that’s really it. I love my friends and the rest of my family dearly, but now especially with Nicholas always babbling in the background I get too distracted. I’m all about the e-mail and in person, but no so much for the phone. I’m going to have to call them, though. Maybe on my lunch break. We’ll see.


One Response to “Transitions”

  1. Jonah’s the same way with the cup. He’ll throw it off his tray or completely block my hands when I try to give it to him. What are we gonna do with these boys?

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