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I Said I Wouldn’t Do It

Posted by nattya61 on March 3, 2010

But I did. I said Nicholas has enough clothes. I don’t need to buy him something to wear for his first year pictures.

Then, on my lunch break I went to Macy’s and bought these:

Adorable! I bought the darker and the medium rinse shorts, one in size 18 months and one in size 24 months. I figure if the 18 month shorts are too small, I’ll take them back, but if they fit, then he’ll probably grow into the 24 month ones by the end of summer anyway. So that’s his first year pictures outfit, with no shoes (or maybe sandals…Bryan reminded me that we bought Nick sandals the last time we were at TJ Maxx.

I also bought Nick another pair of pjs. He was in need of cooler ones. I also found a Superman t-shirt/shorts set! It’s a 4T, but he’ll be able to wear it someday. Bryan will be so excited when I get home and show him that.

Now, I need to make the appointment to get his first year pictures done.

Ok, enough babbling from me now. Time to get back to work.


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