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The Gestation of Nicholas, Part III

Posted by nattya61 on February 25, 2010

By this time we had found out our little girl was actually a little boy. “Oh crap!” was honestly what came out of my mouth when I found out.

I had always just assumed I would have a girl. Grandpa wanted girls. He and Grandma had three girls (I think he was afraid of having a rebellious boy like him). Mom wanted a girl, she had a girl. I just assumed the trend would follow. I wanted a girl. Bryan wanted a girl. When we found out Annabelle Irene was actually going to be Nicholas Lee, I cried. I couldn’t help it. I grieved over the loss of an idea. I’m not sorry for it. It’s just how it was.

Then, I got used to the idea. It didn’t take long. After about a week, I was okay with having a boy. After a few more weeks, I was happy about having a boy. We decided to decorate his bedroom with Superman, and picked out his going home outfit, and registered for everything. Registering helped me get really excited about having a boy. And, I also realized that a lot of fears about raising girls I wouldn’t have to deal with. It’s a lot easier to raise a boy to not be a ho by teaching him to respect women than it is to teach a girl to have enough self-esteem to not be one. I mean, really, society today literally trains the hos of tomorrow (Maury, I’m looking at you), but that’s another post.

I think I had probably five more gallbladder attacks, and at least two more trips to the hospital before the pregnancy was all said and done. Each time, Nick’s little heartbeat was as strong as could be. He enjoyed kicking the monitors too. A sign of things to come!

Towards the middle of my third trimester, I began to get dizzy spells. My blood pressure was going up. My feet and hands were swelling. Things were not going well.

February 2009, (I can’t believe it was just a year ago!) I was put on “modified” bedrest. I couldn’t work, couldn’t shop, couldn’t clean, but I could sit on the couch and lounge in bed as much as I wanted. This was great for about a week. Then, I was sick of it. However, I couldn’t take a shower without feeling like I was going to pass out. And, because of my gallbladder troubles, all I could eat was Trix, Special K, tofu, bland steamed vegetables, rice, and water. That was my diet. My days consisted of watching A Baby Story, Bravo, MTV, and VH1, playing on the computer, sleeping, and reading baby books and magazines. I was ready for this stressful pregnancy to be over!

Due date, April 1, 2009 – Came and went. I was still pregnant.

The doctor said that if the baby wasn’t out by April 7, she was going to induce labor.

April 4, contractions start.


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