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The Gestation of Nicholas, Part I

Posted by nattya61 on February 25, 2010

Yesterday, I said I was going to write my birth story. Well, I thought about it and realized that I should actually start with my pregnancy story. So, here we go.

April 2008, Bryan and I were anxiously awaiting our wedding. I had been planning for over six months and it was almost there. Two weeks before just happened to be my yearly girly doctor’s appointment. She knew I was getting married very soon and she also knew I was only two years away from the big 3-0, so we talked about me having kids. I had always wanted a baby, but I figured I’d have one after I was 30. The doctor told me that since I had PCOS (which is basically cysts on your ovaries that cause whacked out hormones, cycles, fattness, infertility…fun!), I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant like “normal” girls. My PCOS coupled with my mother’s infertility (I was a “miracle” baby. The result of fertility drugs after Mom and Dad tried for 10 years to have me.) made my chances of getting pregnant pretty slim, at least according to every girly doctor I’d ever been to. She basically told me this:

Go off the pill.
Wait three months for my cycle to regulate, which it probably wouldn’t.
She’d run a bunch of tests.
She’d “clean out” my fallopian tubes (a painful procedure).
We’d wait 6 months.
If no pregnancy happened for 6 months, I’d be put on fertility drugs (i.e. crazy-inducing pills), and we’d go from there.

Good times.

Bryan said we’d just go with the flow and whatever happens happens. I love that man!

April 26, 2008, Bryan and I were married!

May 9, 2008, I had my last cigarette, quit caffeine, and went off the pill. Bryan had his last cigarette about a week later. My theory was if it’s going to take me years to get pregnant, I might as well go off the pill and get rid of baby-harming habits now and get all the crazy out of the way at once.

Mid-July 2008, I feel extra crazy. Literally, I thought I was going out of my mind. I figured it was just hormones from being off the pill. My moodswings were ones for the books. I was always snapping at Bryan. It was awful. This lasted for a couple weeks, then Bryan realized it. “You’re pregnant!” I didn’t think it was possible. We hadn’t really been “trying.” Granted, we were typical newlyweds, so since I was off the pill I guess we were “trying” on a very regular basis, but I still didn’t think it was possible that I could be pregnant already. I took a test. It was positive. I proceeded to take five more tests over the next couple of days. All positive. Bryan and I cried we were so happy.


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