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Food, Inc.

Posted by nattya61 on February 8, 2010

I like food. It’s no secret. I love to eat. It’s amazing I ever became this way because while growing up, meal time was not fun time. Momma had serious food issues. If I wouldn’t finish everything on my plate, she would honestly cry and tell me I was going to lose brain matter from not eating. Yeah, told you…serious issues. Anyway, through pretty much self-inflicted…um, I mean self-directed writing therapy for two years while writing my grad thesis about her life, her issues with food, control, her death, etc. I overcame at least most of my issues and have come to really love food. Good food. The problem is, good food isn’t always “good” food.

We’ve had Food, Inc. on our NetFlix for a while. It finally moved up in our queue, and we watched it this weekend. I actually knew about most of the issues from the movie, but some of them I’d never given much thought to. I totally didn’t know that a lot of fast food ground beef contains ammonia, and I hadn’t thought much about e-coli since well, I have a pretty tough stomach and have had food poisoning very few times in my life. With having Nick, though, these things become important.

Bryan has agreed to going to the farmer’s market when we can. I have always wanted to do this, but getting Bryan to go to a place with mostly vegetables was a tough sell. After watching the movie, he agreed. We are also going to check out prices of free range beef and chicken around here and try to make sure Nicholas has only that until he’s at least 4. We would actually prefer to eat that type of meat exclusively, but right now price is still a big factor. However, when it comes to Nick, the price matters less than quality.

Now, don’t worry kids. I’m not going to go all gung-ho organic crazy. I’m still going to eat an Oreo when I want a frickin Oreo, but it won’t hurt to incorporate healthier choices too, like free range chicken and locally grown tomatoes. Maybe I’ll be able to get Bryan to actually eat a fresh tomato that way.

Nick, ready for his food!


2 Responses to “Food, Inc.”

  1. Tim Ghantt said

    I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I absolutely love your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites blog page list and will be checking back soon.

  2. Fine Food said

    thanks for that

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