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Valentine’s Day Is Approaching

Posted by nattya61 on February 1, 2010

A lot of people hate Valentine’s Day. I’ve gone through different phases of hating it versus having it as my favorite holiday. For the past few years at least it’s been one of my favorites. Yes, I know it’s essentially a holiday manufactured by Hallmark, but really, what holiday isn’t? I still love it.  

This year Bryan and I already exchanged Valentine’s gifts. Actually, we were at Vintage Stock and just happened to both run onto our perfect presents. (We’ll wait and exchange cards on February 14.) Bryan bought me the Beneath You Spike action figure (from the episode where he told Buffy he had gotten his soul back). It is, in a word, awesome!

Best. Present. Ever!

I have it still in the box, sitting next to me in my cube. I might have to bring one of my Mulder action figures from home and sit them both up in my desk. To me, I’d rather get this present over flowers any day. I might be a girly-girl when it comes to some things, but flowers die. My Spike action figure will live forever.

I bought Bryan a Superman graphic novel that he had been wanting. He was very happy with his present as well.

We bought Nicholas a SuperWhy! book for his Valentine’s present. He honestly has enough toys (and he will get more on his birthday anyway), but he loves books, and SuperWhy! is his favorite television show. It tops Curious George for him. Sad, I know. Though, my favorite kids show now is Martha Speaks. Adorable! Anyway, Nicholas was extremely excited about his new book. I’ve never seen him that happy over any toy.

Laughing baby!

Once Bryan and I get our state refund back we are going to splurge and go to Mr. Yen’s for dim sums for our Valentine’s meal out. We’ll be taking Nicholas with us. We’ll have plenty of time to have Valentine’s dinners by ourselves once he’s older. I think Nicholas will enjoy Mr. Yen’s, and there is a lot on the dim sum menu that he’ll be able to try. I’ll just have to remember to order some things without shrimp, since I tend to get mostly shrimp dim sums.Little Nicholas seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. He’ll take a nap for two hours and honestly wake up acting so much older. He has a top tooth now! It broke through yesterday. He has two other teeth that are still actively trying to come in.

Nicholas will clap and wave all the time now. It seems like just yesterday that I thought he would never clap his hands by himself. He’ll clap now when he’s happy or when he wants our attention. He’s just so adorable!

Ok, that’s enough gushing from me for now. I hope everyone has a good Monday!

He's thinking, "I wish they'd stop taking my picture so I can play in peace."


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