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Snow Day Redux (and recap of Nick’s appontment)

Posted by nattya61 on January 29, 2010

Nick’s doctor’s appointment actually went well yesterday. He weighs 28 pounds (not 29 like we thought…our scale is pretty old and senile, though), is 30 inches long (we were right on that one) and has an 18.75 inch head. He is still “off the charts” for weight, but since his weight has slowed down the doctor seemed happy enough. She wants Nick to go from four to three meals a day sometime during the next two months. Nick yelled at her when she said that. He also yelled at her when she said to wean him from his bottle by just never giving him milk (once he’s 12 months old) in a bottle, but just start right out giving it to him in a sippy cup. He didn’t like that idea.

I think the doctor finally realized that Nick isn’t just big for his age, he’s just overall older looking and acting than the average baby his age. She actually said to us, “Are you sure he’s only 9 months old?” Finally! She gets it!

Big boy!

We didn’t get all the snow they were predicting, but it is still pretty icky out there. Winter seriously turns me into a crotchety old woman. I hate frozen precipitation in all forms…ice, snow, freezing rain…whatever. It makes driving dangerous. Heck, it makes walking dangerous. It’s cold…it’s just all around bad. Yuck!

On a positive note, we got our federal tax refund in the mail today! Woot! A majority of it will go into savings, but it’s still nice to know the money’s there if we need it.

Have a good weekend all!


2 Responses to “Snow Day Redux (and recap of Nick’s appontment)”

  1. Enoch said

    I hope you’re not still planning on coming to my house today. The whole thing is scrapped until a later date.

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