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Posted by nattya61 on January 12, 2010

I think I’m a wee bit out of it today due to lack of sleep. Nick is teething again, which means he wants to be held all the time, including at night when he (and Bryan and I) should be sleeping. I feel bad for the little guy, but I am pretty tired.

The weather is getting better, which helps put me in a good mood. The snow is melting! I tell myself that we should just move to someplace where it’s much warmer, but honestly, all the cool places to live and not just visit are actually colder in the winter than here. Oh well.

Last night Nicholas watched How I Met Your Mother with me. He actually laughed at Tim Gunn’s joke (before I laughed) and danced to the suit song. It was absolutely awesome! He is definitely my child. You’ve gotta love a kid who appreciates Neil Patrick Harris doing a broadway-like number.

On Sunday we put Nick in his leather jacket that finally fits. I bought it at Macy’s before he was born because it was on clearance. He is such a handsome little man…who will soon have more teeth! My baby’s growing up.


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