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9 Months Old!

Posted by nattya61 on January 8, 2010

Nicholas turned 9 months old this week! It seems just like yesterday that he was born, but it also seems like he’s been with us forever.

He can now crawl (forward! for the first time last night), stand on his own for a few seconds, and “creep” a bit while holding on to something. He knows what his potty is for and how to use it (though, he hasn’t figured out how to let us know that he needs to use it). He can say Momma, Mommy, Dada, Daddy, baba, baby, and Mommy’s baby/Daddy’s baby and use the words at will (not just randomly). This week we even started him on regular milk and yogurt and he’s doing great with it. We’re only giving him a bit at a time so we don’t overwhelm his system. Yes, I know…12 months is the “recommended” time to start a baby on milk, but really…when has Nick ever done anything at the recommended time?

He's an old soul. Look at those eyes!

Nick made a couple new friends the past month. He got to meet his some more cousins, and he learned how to play and be nice to a cat.

Where's the kitty?

Next week Nick gets to see his grandpa again. He can’t wait! Neither can I!

Grandpa talking to his favorite little man.

Here’s to my sweet little man!

So cute!


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