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Welcoming 2010

Posted by nattya61 on January 4, 2010

We had a pretty great weekend! Bryan had to work New Year’s Eve, so it was pretty uneventful as I figured it would be. We did stay up to see the New Year and give our little sleeping Nick a New Year’s kiss, but other than that we didn’t celebrate the occasion this year. My only resolution is to get Bryan a job where I work, which I am still actively working on.

Bryan was off Saturday and Sunday, which is a rarity, so we really enjoyed the rest of the weekend. On Saturday, we ran errands. Wal-Mart (yes, I know, but we needed things Target didn’t have and didn’t want to run to Target and the grocery store) and the mall. We had to get the car serviced, so we figured we might as well spend a couple hours at the mall. I got a hoodie, Bryan got a fleece pullover, and we bought Nick a Spiderman shirt (in size 14, but it was $3…he’ll wear it when he’s older), a pair of black fleece pants, and this Valentine’s Day shirt. Valentine’s is actually my favorite holiday (a blog on that to come later), so I had to get him a Valentine’s shirt. He’ll be so cute in it!

On Sunday we took the tree down. I think that made Nick a little sad, but we put The Wizard of Oz in while we worked on cleaning up, so that distracted him from us putting the decorations away. After that, Bryan watched the Cowboy’s game while I scrapbooked for about three hours straight. It was both awesome and tiring. I love scrapbooking, but I would rather do an hour and then quit, but now with Nick I don’t have time to do it much, so I had to cram it all into one session while Bryan could watch him. I completed all the Thanksgiving and Christmas pages, though, and was even able to make a bath time page using Nick’s baby washcloths as the background. Yes, I thought that was a good idea too.

Yesterday, for those of you who don’t know, it snowed here. A lot. I really hate winter, but the snow is pretty just looking out at it from a window. Thus, yesterday wasn’t too bad because we didn’t have to go anywhere. We did our thing at home and ordered a pizza. It was great. Today, however, it’s back to the regular work week and getting around isn’t too bad, but it isn’t something I enjoy doing. Bryan is freaked out about tonight, but I think he’ll be ok. The roads really aren’t that bad…unless what’s melted freezes again tonight…which it probably will…then it’ll take poor Bryan forever to get home.

Another snow is supposed to come Wednesday. Nick has his 9 month appointment on Thursday morning. You all know how much I love his doctor’s appointments. Nick’s doctor is not my favorite person. When he’s one I’ll probably start taking him to our regular doctor for stuff. He’s awesome. But, this time we’ll still have to see who Bryan calls the “hippy lady,” but if the snow’s too bad I’ll probably try to move the appointment to next week.

I hope everyone is dealing with this nasty weather ok. Until next time, a Nick pic…or two:

I'm not eating Superman's at all.

"Haha! You're funny, Mama!"


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