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Christmas Recap

Posted by nattya61 on December 28, 2009

And what a Christmas it was! On Thursday we had our own little family Christmas Eve at the apartment, opened presents, ate cinnamon rolls and bacon, and watched Simpsons Christmas episodes. Nicholas loved getting to open everything. He’s such a little ham for the camera.

Nick's camera smile.

What could it be?

Getting some help from Daddy.

A hammer!

Nick really likes books.

Nick loves his Build-A-Bear, Pup E. Kendall.

Opening presents is tiring.

That night, before Nick’s bath, he peed in his potty for the first time! It actually happened by accident. I put him on his potty as I was getting his bath ready. I don’t think he knew what he was doing at first, but then he figured it out and was really proud of himself. Such a big boy! He used the potty again this morning and definitely knew what he was doing. Now, if he could only stand up by himself we’d get him some Pull-Ups.

The next day we waited until 11AM before we braved the snow and headed off to Salem. The drive wouldn’t have been bad, but the windshield wiper fluid was frozen (no, we didn’t get the winter stuff with the antifreeze in it…yes, bad me), and when Bryan went to fix it, the back of the spray thing just crumbled in his hands. So, on the drive to Salem we had to stop what felt like a million times to wipe off the car windows so I could see where I was going (slushy roads and big trucks equals very dirty, nasty, frozen windows). We got to Salem about three and a half hours later, so it really didn’t add much time to our trip, just a big scare since half the time I couldn’t see where I was going. We’re getting the car fixed this afternoon.

Once we got there, things were great, though. Nicholas got to meet my cousin Kendra and her husband Brad and kids Cody and Trevor for the first time. He loved Cody. They played for a long time. Nick got to open some more presents too. He loves those presents.

Our little family.

After we stuffed ourselves silly and finished our visiting we went to Dad’s house to spend the night. Dad and Linda are in Guam, so we had the house to ourselves. Nick made a new friend, their cat Stretch.

Stretch looking evil.

He looks pretty evil in that picture, but he’s a really nice cat. He let Nick pet him, and they sniffed each other. It was pretty cute stuff.

We were pretty busy the next couple of days. We took care of Dad and Linda’s dogs. Did laundry. Got groceries. (There was no way I was going to try to do all that once we got back here with the crazy after Christmas shoppers and all.) Played with Nick. Cooked. Ate. Watched a documentary about John Hughes and another about mushrooms (yes, those kind…it was pretty hilarious). And tried to rest and just enjoy the holiday as much as possible. I’d say mission accomplished.

Nick in his Christmas sleeper.

Now it’s back at work and back to our regular grind. Back to reading about how Tyra is quitting her talk show (how will I ever go on?!), to reading blogs and sometimes going “awe” despite myself while other times thinking what the heck is wrong with some people? Yep, Christmas is over. But, there’s another one to look forward to next year.

Nick says, "Ahh!!"


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