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Christmas Vacation

Posted by nattya61 on December 23, 2009

My Christmas vacation starts today, in about three hours! Yay! We learned last night that Bryan is actually off all weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), so even though we won’t get to Salem until Christmas morning, we will be able to stay an extra day if we want. This makes me feel a lot better about traveling just in case it snows (but let’s still hope it doesn’t…I grew out of wanting a white Christmas when I started having to drive in that nasty white stuff).

We were afraid Nick was getting another cold (and that I was too), but Nicholas’s nose was clear last night and mine finally is a lot better today! I bought a humidifier for our room and we used it yesterday and last night, so I’m thinking our sinuses were just extra dry and thus prone to sniffles since that last cold. That humidifier was a great $25 investment.

Tomorrow morning we’ll open presents. I might even make pancakes. I think we have syrup at home, but if we don’t I can just do what Grandma always did and make a sugar syrup to go on them. Yum!

Nicholas got his Christmas presents in the mail from his Uncle Danny (Bryan’s brother) and Aunt Jessica.¬†They got him a hat/vest set that is so cute!

Nick loves his fire truck hat!

The hat fits him perfectly! Our little 8 month old even has an 18 month old size head. He’s my boy!

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a great one, no matter how you celebrate!

Nick says, "Happy Holidays!" too.


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