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It’s Almost Christmas!

Posted by nattya61 on December 21, 2009

Can’t you tell? Two more celebs are dead. RIP Brittany Murphy (coke and anorexia are a bad combo) and Olivia from Sesame Street (she had breast cancer, so no making fun here…truly sad). And locally, someone got stabbed outside Chili’s over a parking spot. Yes, this one cracks me up because we know, Christmas brings out the best in all of us.

I’m looking forward to Christmas, I really am, but there’s a large part of me that also hates Christmas because you can’t even go into Target to buy some diapers without being surrounded by thousands of people doing “last minute” Christmas shopping. Everyone has a scowl on their face because traffic is horrible, parking lots are horrible, and stores are horrible because there are too many people out running around like crazy.

But maybe I’m just cynical.

Either way, I had a good weekend, with only normal grocery shopping and some serious relaxing to do. We let Nicholas open his first Christmas present from us. He had a good time doing it too.

Bryan picked out the VTech nursery rhyme book for Nick to open. He absolutely loves it. He played with it the rest of the night. It’s pretty annoying after a while for me and Bryan. Ha! But, Nicholas loves it and it keeps him entertained. Hopefully, he’ll learn something from it too…something other than how to make the cat sing over and over and over again.

I think this has made Nick more excited to open the rest of his presents too. He now understands there is actually something inside those pretty wrapped packages for him to play with. To me, that’s Christmas…being all cuddly inside a warm house with family and hot chocolate. We don’t necessarily celebrate the religious aspect of the day, but we enjoy the family time…and the food…and yes, the presents. However, as much as I like seeing Nicholas open his presents I will always want his favorite part of the day to be seeing his family and enjoying his time with them. That’s the part of Christmas that keeps me from being too cynical.

Only four more days!


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