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Why Sometimes Slowing Down Is Good

Posted by nattya61 on December 17, 2009

When I’m home by myself with Nick I try to stay in the same room with him as much as possible, but let’s be realistic, sometimes, a girl’s gotta pee. Sometimes I’ll take Nick with me, sometimes I’ll let him play on the floor in his room, sometimes I’ll put him in his exersaucer, but sometimes, like last night, if he seems content enough, I’ll leave him sitting in the center of the bed playing with his toys. However, when that’s the case I make sure I really hurry before he takes a notion to try to jump off the bed or something.

Well, last night when I was hurrying, on my way back to the bedroom, my foot ran smack into the bathroom door. It hurt so bad it was honestly numb for a while. Then, it got feeling back to it…and ouch. Throbbing pain. I could move it, so I wasn’t too worried, but damn, that hurt. So today, it’s pretty swollen. I’m wearing old shoes that are stretchy, and I’m limping around like when I was 9 months pregnant. It doesn’t hurt too terribly bad anymore, but I definitely have a limp. I wish I had a good story to go along with it, but no…I just smacked my pinkie toe so hard into the bathroom door that it jammed it into my foot and now I’m all gimpy. Go me.

Tonight Bryan and I are ordering dinner in so I can just rest and put my foot up and watch two hours of Saturday Night Live Christmas and play with Nick. So, at least my clumsiness gives me an excuse to be completely and absolutely lazy for a night. I think this was a lesson to me, though, to just slow down sometimes and things will still be okay.

This picture has nothing to do with the post. It's just so cute!


2 Responses to “Why Sometimes Slowing Down Is Good”

  1. That is one cute kid!

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