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Christmas Decorating Weekend

Posted by nattya61 on December 7, 2009

What a busy but great weekend we had! Nicholas turned 8 months old on Saturday. 

He seems more like a little boy than a baby already!


Saturday morning Nicholas took a nap with his daddy while I did a little shopping. I went to Kohl’s and bought Nicholas a V-Tech book (his last Christmas present) and the PlaySchool Busy Ball Popper. Total spent: $21!! I had a 15% off coupon code, both were on sale, and I had a $5 off coupon for the Busy Ball Popper from here. We are going to save the Busy Ball Popper for his birthday since he has enough Christmas presents already. 

After Kohl’s I went to Target to get groceries. Man, they were packed! I got everything I needed, though, and got home by 11AM. I was really happy to get all the shopping done that early in the weekend. After that Nicholas played while Bryan and I wrapped Christmas presents. I decided this year to take all of Nick’s presents out of their original packaging so now when he unwraps them, he’ll be able to instantly start playing with them instead of us spending like a half-hour each just trying to get the darn toys out of the packages. Seriously, child proof means everyone proof. It took me forever to get them all opened and just ready to wrap. I’m glad that part is done, though. 

After the presents were wrapped I was too tired to put up the tree on Saturday. Instead, Bryan cooked dinner while Nick and I played and rested. Then, yesterday we put up the tree and decorations. 

Nicholas with his first Christmas tree.


I think he liked it. He got really mad while we were decorating it because well, he likes to be the center of attention at all times (like a true only child), so he was pretty fussy the whole time we were busy decorating the tree and apartment. We should have given Nicholas the Godiva catalog to look at while we were decorating. We discovered on Saturday that the Godiva catalog to him is better than a toy. He loves looking at the chocolate. After we were done, though, he seemed happy. 

Nick's happy because he knows most of the presents are for him.


Now today, though, Nick and I both have colds. When I left the house this morning he didn’t seem bothered much by it. I’m heading home for lunch in a bit to see how he’s doing. This is the first time he’s been sick, so I hope it doesn’t bother him too much. Poor little guy. At least it’s not the flu. We don’t have fevers, just sniffles and a bit of a cough. Maybe Nick should eat some chicken noodle soup. 

Until next time, be well and happy shopping and decorating!


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