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Ok, Now I’m Officially Done Shopping

Posted by nattya61 on December 2, 2009

At least that’s what I tell myself. I now honestly can’t think of anything else we’ll need for a while. I just bought myself a coat. All my other coats are a bit tight, post baby. So, I ordered this one:

Macy's Coat

It’s uber-cute and really cheap. I ordered Nick a couple toddler size pjs as well, to bring my total up enough so I could get free shipping. Hey, shipping is $14, so ordering Nick pjs he’ll need anyway is definitely worth it. Just use the code MACYSFRIEND to get 25% off and free shipping if your order totals at least $99 (before the 25% discount).

I ordered the Toy Story one in 2T and the Cars one in 3T.

Bryan has been saying he needs a coat too. He has a big pouffy one, but the zipper’s broken, so that kind of defeats the purpose of wearing something to stay warm if it won’t even close. He has a leather one, but something’s wrong with it too. I forget what, though. The zipper may have broken on it too. So, I ordered him this one from JCPenney.

Brown Leather Coat

It was only $30 (and you know I found a free shipping code for that too, joy2unme). Yay! Ok, so now I’m done shopping. Promise!


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