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Almost 8 Months Old

Posted by nattya61 on December 1, 2009

On Saturday, Nicholas will be eight months old! I can hardly believe it. He’s getting so big. He got his second tooth yesterday, so now he has his two bottom front teeth. So cute! He won’t let me take a picture of it, but I tricked him Sunday into getting a picture so you can at least see the one.

My baby with his first tooth.

I’ll try again to get a picture that shows both of his new teeth. He likes biting our fingers now, but not his toys as much.

So, remember way back when the Simplicity cribs were recalled? Well, we had one that came in the furniture set from ye old Wal-Mart. It’s a cute little set, but we should have know the $200 price tag was too good to be true. Anyway, they recalled the crib, and we were going to just basically permanently attach the drop-side to the crib so there wouldn’t be any problems. Of course, we never got around to doing that. We still didn’t think much about it as our crib seems really sturdy. However, Nicholas now moves all over the place, and at night when we are trying to put him down to sleep and he gets mad because he doesn’t want to be in his crib, he tends to kick the crap out of it. He also rolls all over the place in his crib at night.

Thus, Bryan and I became paranoid, Nicholas ended up sleeping with us more, and well, we decided to spend money we really don’t have and buy him a really awesome crib that’s never been recalled (actually, the company itself has never had a recall). It has no drop-side. It’s made of solid wood. It’s sturdy. It matches everything else pretty well. And, it converts into a toddler bed (without having to buy anything else) and a full size bed (with buying a conversion kit…but most are like that). See, to get a refund on the original crib, they wanted us to take everything back, not just the crib. So, it’s actually cheaper to shell out the $159 (yay Cyber-Monday sale and free shipping) than it would have been to take the other one back and have to buy a new dresser and changing table too. I’m not sure when it will arrive, but I’m guessing within two weeks.

We went to Target to look at their cribs before I ordered this one. They had only three in the store and didn’t have much information about them at all. Target, I’m really disappointed in you. I looked online at Wal-Mart (yes, I know) to see what they had in the store here, and it wasn’t much there either. I usually don’t like Toys R Us much because they tend to be overpriced, but this time they really came through. The shipping would have been $42 for this monster of a crib, so Cyber-Monday was a great thing for me this year.

Ok, I’m done blabbing about the crib. We just can’t wait until we get it. I’ll post a picture once we get it all set up.

Have a great Tuesday!

Taken after he got caught rummaging through his diaper bag.


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