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Not Feeling So Hot

Posted by nattya61 on November 24, 2009

So I’m wondering something, can stress really make you sick? I know it can weaken one’s ammune system, but can it affect iron levels, blood sugar, things like that? I’ve been feeling pretty run down the past few days. I’m light headed and just really tired a lot of the time. I hope it’s just because I’m finally down from that extreme anxiety high caused by all the apartment stress, so my body is kind of crashing before it returns back to normal.

I’m taking iron supplements again incase my iron is low. I really don’t think my sugar is high because I don’t have the symptoms of that…and yesterday I went a whole day without sugar….and today I just feel worse, so that’s a pretty good sign it’s not my sugar going all wonky again. I always seem to feel a lot better after I eat, so I’m thinking it’s not my blood pressure either. I’m leaning towards stress, iron, or low sugar…or iron and low sugar brought on by stress. Either way, I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving now and just resting and eating normal food that’s not the cereal and sandwiches I’ve been living off of lately because it’s quick and cheap.

And if you are asking yourself why don’t I just go to the doctor, my answer is this:
1. I’m done with tests. I had so many while I was pregnant that I’m seriously just freakin done.
2. Doctor = money = more stress.

If this continues on into December, then I’ll think about going to the doctor, but until then, not so much.

InĀ 19 minutes we are having our Thanksgiving lunch at work, which I’m uberexcited for. Real food which will make me feel better and some fun downtime chatting with coworkers. Yay!


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