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Life Lessons

Posted by nattya61 on November 17, 2009

I’ve realized that through all the recent hassles, scares, annoyances, and just plain messes lately that each and every life experience is a learning experience that makes us not only more knowledgeable, but they also make us learn to trust ourselves and our instincts. Remember the whole smell of natural gas thing. Well, I was right and there actually was a gas leak in the apartment. I called City Utilities to prove it, and they made Debco get people out to fix it. That was on Friday. They came out and fixed it right away. I’ve still been a bit paranoid, but we haven’t had any problems with the new apartment since.

Throughout this whole thing I’ve learned more about electricity, circuits, breakers, outlets, wiring, mold, leaks, furnaces, natural gas, and how to deal with house type things…all the things that my dad always took care of…I now feel like if we had a house I would actually be able to take care of things or at least know how to converse with the repair guys intelligently about what was going on.

I’ve also learned what I can live through. I grew up pretty pampered. Our house was very modest, only two bedrooms, one bathroom, and seventies shag carpeting, but it was still nice. I’ve learned that I am capable of making other surroundings work.

Now, this isn’t to say that I plan on toughing this out forever. Oh heck no! 100% of our tax return will go into savings, and once our lease is up the last day of May, we are going straight back to Lakewood. I now know they were more expensive for a reason. Even so, I know that I can tough it out for the next 6 months and be okay.

I’ve also learned what good friends and family I have. Even with all the moving and such (she helped so much!), we had a great time with Barbie. She is a little uncomfortable around kids, but she still got along great with Nick. He was fascinated with her hair. It was so cute! Barbie, Nick, and I went out to eat at Valentine’s because I knew there if he ended up getting fussy, they wouldn’t be able to say anything. He ended up being great, just a little tired. I got pasta and an appletini. I haven’t had a martini in probably over a year, so this was an amazing treat for me!

It was great to see Dad and Linda too. They brought Nick a VTech Camera toy. He loves it. It is a very loud toy, though. I’m glad it has an off button. Haha! It’s really nice that he’ll have grandparents who show up with toys and things. I really feel like a part of a normal family. It’s so nice! Dad and Linda are going to Gloria’s house for Thanksgiving too! I can’t wait for turkey day!

After work I am going to go to Cold Stone Creamery and buy Bryan a Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie (if they have that flavor here). He deserves a treat for all the work he’s put in with the move, so I want to surprise him…and I love him. He deserves it!

To sign off, here’s your Nick Pic of the day!

Such a big boy!


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