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Moving Day!

Posted by nattya61 on November 12, 2009

While we were at the Debco office Monday discussing our “situation” and options, another power surge happened at the apartment. Thank goodness we had everything unplugged already and were not there at the time or I would have totally freaked out. They told us they would let us move into another apartment in a different building. They waived the utility-transfer fee, and they are knocking $20 a month off our rent (not just for a month, but like permanently). So, we have a busy time of moving ahead, but the $20 a month will eventually pay for all the money we’ve had to shell out during this whole mess.

For the past three days we’ve been staying at the Baymont Inn. They have been amazing and truly made me feel much calmer during this whole thing. I love hotels anyway, but I’m glad we decided to stay there this week. Nicholas got to go swimming for the first time!

He loved it, but I think he got a little tired of me taking his picture. He’s such a good, sweet, cute little boy!

Soon Daddy, Linda, and Barbie will be in town to help us with the move. I’m taking a half day off of work, and since we now know everything is in working order in the new apartment (there was a slight gas smell in the utility closet yesterday…yeah…I know…but the gas people were already there this morning and very throughly checked everything, including the apartment below us, and said everything is in working order with absolutely no leaks…Bryan was there to watch everything too) I’m starting to relax a little and allow myself to actually get excited about seeing everyone. I’m so ready to be in a safe apartment too!


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