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You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me?

Posted by nattya61 on November 10, 2009

I walk into the door from work yesterday and the lights flicker. I thought I had to be seeing things. I turned the fan off and turned on the kitchen lights. Bryan and I waited. Yep, they did it again. I called the electrician and Debco. They came over at 7PM, and thank goodness they saw the lights flicker, brighten, and dim too. I knew I was paranoid for a reason. I might be crazy, but I’m not that crazy. Frick!

They said they’d do everything they can to fix it. “Don’t worry about it.” Don’t worry my ass. Anyway, Debco called this morning and they are trying to get City Utilities to work with them to get it fixed. See, we had a ceiling leak the last Thursday in October. We called them. They said they called the roofers, but no one ever came over. I think the problems might be related. I just hope the electricians don’t just blindly listen to Debco instead of investigating all possibilities, including the leak. Debco wants it to be CU’s fault so then they won’t be out any money, but it may not actually have anything to do with them as it could be that darn leak. Ugh!

In six months our lease is up and we are outta there. If we tried to get out of our lease now they could theoretically charge us for the next six months’ rent since they are actively trying to fix the problem. We would have no recourse. Thus, the plan is to just bug the crap out of them so it’s livable for the next six months until our lease is up and then move. We are going to move back to Lakewood. They are expensive but safe. We’ll find a way to afford it for the safety of Nicholas and for my sanity. Six months isn’t really that long, is it?I'll do anything for him.

Update: It is now 1:20PM and no one has been by the apartment to work on anything. Not the electrician, not CU, not even the Debco maintenance man. I am ubermad, frustrated, and scared to live there. I really hate this.


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  1. Get after them!

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