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Restaurants on a Roll: I Give a Big “Eww!” to Yahoo

Posted by nattya61 on November 9, 2009

Yahoo posted an article about restaurants who have “gotten it right” in this economy. Here’s my problem, of the restaurants on the list that I’ve been to, they are places I’d rather not waste my money. Let’s look at the list.

Buffalo Wild Wings – Profits are apparently up. Why? Seriously people. Everytime I drive past that place they are full. The wings are mediocre at best, and the atmosphere is your typical boring bar that makes people feel cool I guess. Now, in a town like Cape Girardeau, where I used to live, if you wanted wings this was really the only place to go. But, for other places – including Springfield, there are way…and I mean way better choices. Go to Wing Stop. You’ll thank me!

BJ’s Restaurants – I’ve never been here, so I can’t comment.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – I once heard this place was owned my McDonald’s, and I believe it. Again, it’s not that great. It’s your typical Americanized Mexican food, just a little less greasy. Please, find an authentic Mexican place. It tastes much better. For Springfield, the best I’ve found so far is Celito Lindo. Even after going to Mexico, this place still tastes good.

Olive Garden – Oh good lord. Too expensive for just so so Italian. Almost every city has a non-chain Italian restaurant. Heck, even Rolla’s 10th Street Dinner House (doesn’t sound Italian, I know…but it’s good) is better than Olive Garden.

Panera Bread Co. – It’s ok. I really have no big complaints about this place, but I don’t rave about it either. It’s a sandwich and some soup with an overpriced drink. Bored now.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea – I don’t think we have these around here. No comment.

P.F. Chang’s – The Olive Garden of Chinese. Nuff said.

Texas Roadhouse – Seriously? I see a pattern here. If you want food that you can pretty much get anywhere and have it taste just eh, then go to any of the restaurants above.

It’s things like this why my chef husband gets so irritated. He says it’s just this town, but this Yahoo article confirms it…it’s everywhere! People need to live a little, get out and try new things. Move away from the chain restaurant and try something new, fresh, authentic…maybe even something with a little flavor.


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