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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Posted by nattya61 on November 6, 2009

Today, I found out that at Bass Pro Shop you can get your kid’s picture taken for free! Yep, free. Go here to check out the details. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting Nick’s picture taken with Santa, but I didn’t know how much I wanted to pay for a picture that may or may not turn out. I guess I’ve watched Bad Santa too many times…ok, that’s not possible…but I guess I just had that in my head when thinking about Nicholas getting his picture with Santa Claus. But, since Bass Pro does it for free, now I’m totally psyched. I have no idea what I want Nick to wear though. Maybe just a cute top and jeans, since I don’t want him to wear red and blend in with Santa. That would look odd. Anyway, it’s exciting. They are also having free craft weekends. December 19-20 you can decorate cookies. I may try to hold out and we can go then. You know me, I love cookies and cookies with frosting are even better!

I hope everyone is having a good Friday. I’m definitely ready for the weekend. This week has gone by fast, but I still need a day to just sit and chill and watch Nick roll and scoot and try to crawl all over the place. I also need to clean a bit and get ready for next week because my best friend since ye ole undergrad days is coming into town. She hasn’t met Nicholas yet, so it’ll be really fun. Yay! And, my birthday is next week too. I’ll be 29 version 2.0.

I’m not excited about turning 30. I’m exciting about having a birthday, but my 20’s were…well…they made me who I am. I’ve had my best and worst times ever in my 20’s. My mom died. I graduated college…twice. I met Bryan. We got married. I had little Nicholas. I became an adult basically. I guess I’m just sad to see this decade in my life come to an end. Yes, 30 is like starting anew and I am living my life like that. I’m working hard on doing away with the bad and bringing in the good and just chilling out a little while still staying on top of things. It’s a good thing. But, good things can still be a bit daunting, just like the big 3-0.

Anyway, here’s a picture of Nicholas to help you get through the rest of your day. I know looking at his cute little face will help me!

Laughing Baby

What's so funny, Nick?


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