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Curious George Cuteness

Posted by nattya61 on November 5, 2009

It’s 5 months until Nick’s first birthday, and I bought two more of his birthday presents today.

Remember back in my blog a couple weeks ago I wrote about how we bought george birthdayNicholas some Curious George decorations and a stuffed little George? Well, today I went to Borders and found the Curious George birthday book I had been looking for! Nicholas really loves the Curious George book he has now, so I thought Curious George and the Birthday Surprise would be the perfect present to give him for his birthday. Of course, I ended up buying another book too. I figured he would like Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop since Nick already loves ice cream.

I’m not sure what else Bryan and I will get Nick for his birthday. We’ll george ice creamprobably buy him another outfit for his Build-A-Bear and a larger type toy, but I have no idea as to what yet. He’ll be doing so much more by the time his first birthday rolls around that I’m sure I’ll find something. I may even hit up the after-Christmas sales and find something great that way! Fun!

If any of you out there are wanting to plan a Curious George themed birthday party, I also found this site from PBS that is really helpful. Instead of being too ambitious and sewing a Curious George table cloth, I am going to buy a red one from Dollar Tree and print out a couple copies of the Curious George Mask (editing it to remove the lines around where they eye holes would be) and just glue it to the table cloth. Easy and $1…and if Nick gets it all dirty or tears it up, oh well. It’s a party for a 1 year old after all, not a wedding reception. My whole goal is something bright and colorful and familiar to Nicholas…and something that will make for some good pictures. And yummy cake. We definitely can’t forget that.
Nick says, "Cake yummy!"


One Response to “Curious George Cuteness”

  1. Anna said

    Check out the new Curious George Christmas Movie and Soundtrack. My little one loves fun music in the car and I’ve already picked it up at iTunes. This will be perfect for the long shopping trips!

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