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Addicted to Old Navy

Posted by nattya61 on November 4, 2009

I have an Old Navy problem. I really need to curb my shopping from there. I ordered some super cute stuff late last week, and I am going to say it out loud now, “I will take an Old Navy break!” Ok…there, I said it. It’s done. But still, let me tell you what I got, for $77…with $52 savings with a coupon code, a rewards certificate, and free shipping. They shipped it yesterday and say it should be here by Saturday! Whee!!

These three things are for Nick. I got the shirt in 12-18 month size and the pants and one piece in 18-24 month size to ensure he’d be able to wear them longer. He grows out of one pieces the fastest.

one piece fleece

Micro Performance Fleece One-Piece

2-in-1 shirt in yam

Striped 2-in-1 Graphic Polo

fleece pants

Cozy Fleece Pants for Baby

I bought these two items for Bryan as part of his Christmas presents. He has work out pants but not really pajama pants, so since we are saving on utility bills by keeping it a bit cooler in the apartment this winter, I thought I’d get Bryan some cute pjs. The shirt will also look really yummy with jeans. I love my handsome man!

sexy man shirt

V-Neck Black Long Sleeved T-Shirt

pj pants

Green Penguins Holiday "Sleep Bottoms"

Then, I bought four items for me. Yes, I’m getting the most, but well, I’ll give myself probably on thing for my birthday and the rest I’ll save for Christmas. Yes, I buy myself Christmas presents. Bryan tells me I deserve it.

You can never have too many.

Long-Layering Tank

It was $7!

Navy/White Banded-Hem Jersey Top

I needed fleece too.

Performance Fleece "Dressy" Sweatshirt


Mid-Rise Cord Trousers in Chocolate

I haven’t had a pair of really good fitting cords in a while. My mom loved corduroy pants. I know that if she was here I would have had to get her a pair of the Old Navy pink corduroy pants this Christmas. She would have literally worn them every day. Nicholas would probably spit up on them too, so she would probably keep two pairs around just in case. What a different Christmas this would be if she was here. But, mom taught me how to make this and every other one good Christmas for Nick. She taught me how to decorate, bake, and be crafty. And she taught me how to cuddle and give my baby lots of kisses. I will be doing all of those this holiday season. Nick may not appreciate it yet, but I know one of these days he will love walking into the house after school with it smelling like pumpkin bread or apple cake or chocolate chip cookies and then getting mamma kisses all over his face. I’m not Martha nor do I want to be…but in ways like this I definitely want to be my mamma.

Wow, this blog changed quickly. Well, mom liked online shopping too. Actually, she loved catalog shopping, but I’m sure she would have loved online shopping too if she would have gotten to do more of it. Love ya, Momma!

Until next time, be good all. Enjoy the season!


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