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Netflix, Oh How I Love Thee

Posted by nattya61 on November 3, 2009

I think whoever came up with Netflix is a genius! We absolutely love it! We don’t have cable, and used to spend probably $40 a month at the video store. Now, we spend $15 a month on Netflix and get two DVDs at a time, as many a month as we can watch. It’s definitely worth it! Total awesomeness!

We just finished watching Smallville¬†and aren’t really ready to start on another tv series yet. Here’s the next 10 on our queue of 464 movies (yes, I’ve added a lot):

1. Faerie Tale Theater: Disc 2
2. Land of the Lost
3. Faerie Tale Theater: Disc 3
4. MST3K: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
5. Sesame Street Old School Vol. 1: Disc 2
6. Dawn of the Dead
7. Day of the Dead
8. Star Trek (the new movie)
9. Green Lantern: First Flight
10. Ernest Saves Christmas

I need suggestions of more things to add. I know 464 might seem like enough, but a lot of that is seasons of tv shows (Angel, Big Bang Theory, Quantum Leap, Freaks and Geeks, Life on Mars¬†– the UK version, etc.). We like to break up the seasons with movies, documentaries, specials, etc. So, what’s good? What should I add?



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