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It’s Out!

Posted by nattya61 on October 30, 2009

Yesterday I went to see dentist Wade Wheeler to see if he would pull this darn tooth. Lo and behold he did! Everyone there was extremely friendly, fast, and efficient. They took an X-Ray and did a little exam. He said the tooth touches my sinuses but is not in them, so there’s no problem with pulling it. He gave me three shots, let them set, and started to work. The tooth broke while he pulling it out, so it ended up being a surgical extraction. He had to go in there with a little saw and separate the roots which grow weird.

Here’s a little illustration of what I mean:

See how my roots really anchored the tooth in, so the top tooth part broke off and left the roots in there. It was a pretty interesting experience. The doc did say he wished all patients were like me since I didn’t flinch at all while he was doing his thing. I replied that after pushing out a baby, having a tooth pulled is nothing, especially when it only costs just around $50. I think I’ll be going to him from now on.

Now I’m just working on healing up. I can’t drink anything hot, carbonated, or through a straw until Sunday and since it touched my sinusus I can’t blow my nose really hard until Tuesday-ish. It’s already quit bleeding, though. (In the middle of him yanking out my tooth he goes, “Wow, you aren’t a bleeder.” I was like, “Um…thanks.”) I didn’t sleep very well last night because it was throbbing. I’ve taken two doses of Tylenol and will probably take two more today (one once my coffee cools off enough for me to drink it and then another before bed). Thus, I’m pretty sleepy today. If I get enough work done this morning I might take the afternoon off to take a nap and get some groceries. We are out of pretty much all soft food…bread, milk, etc. Yeah, it’s grocery shopping time. Thank goodness it’s payday!
Happy Friday!


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