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Just Pull the Sucker Part II: I Mean It This Time!

Posted by nattya61 on October 29, 2009

So, if you read my last blog you may remember that way back in May, back when Nicholas was this little:
Tiny Nick

I had to go to the dentist to get a root canal. I wanted the guy to just pull the darn tooth, the tooth that had been bugging me for oh, at least two years now, but he wouldn’t do it. “No, you must restore it…and pay me $500 out-of-pocket to do it,” he said. Well, in my state of pain, I went ahead and did what he said because I just wanted it fixed.

Lately I’d noticed the tooth felt funny. It didn’t hurt, but it felt like there was a space between the back of the tooth and the filling thingy (no, I never got a crown put on it…that would have been another $500 that we don’t have). This morning while brushing my teeth the whole back of the tooth just fell off. I think I cracked it while playing Wii actually. See, I get aggravated while playing Mario 3 and I tend to bite on the controller thing…I think I bit too hard. Anyway, the thing broke off (it had a crack in it when he fixed it, so it was really just a matter of time). Now, I really really just want to get it pulled so stuff doesn’t get all nasty up in there and then we have real problems.

I called my friend Adam’s dentist. He said our insurance is pretty good there and they are really nice. The lady on the phone said she’s 98% sure he’ll pull it (he has to X-Ray, etc. since it’s close to my sinuses…but I don’t care…let there be a hole there…I knew from the start that I’d be better off if this thing was just out of my friggin head), and it’ll only cost me….wait for it.

Wait for it.


Yeah, on the phone I asked, “You must mean $4800 right.” Because seriously, that’s how dentists seem to work. She laughed and was like nope, $48. So…that’s why I really really really hope this guy can pull it. That was her estimate too at the surgical rate…meaning that if it gets all crumbly, which I’m sure it will, while he’s digging it out of there it’ll be $48. If it comes out in one piece…yeah right…it’ll be less. Sweetness!!!!

So, in a way it’s good I had the root canal done because that made me meet my deductible…but I still owe those people $100.  Yeah, I know. I’m trying to look on the bright side here.

Let’s all just hope, wish, and pray if that suits your fancy that this guy is willing to pull it out today.

Bryan said he’d buy me ice cream. I told him we’ll stick to noodles for today and go for the ice cream this weekend once the hole is healed up a little.

Well, that’s my morning. How about everyone else’s?

Nick Laugh

This kid's teeth!


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