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Just Another Wednesday

Posted by nattya61 on October 28, 2009

Good morning all! Even though it’s dreary outside, again, I feel good!

Nicholas is still doing great. He has slept in his bed all night the past two nights. I thought that might never happen again after all of our apartment troubles and the scare Shirley gave him. He seems ok now. He’s moody today, but that’s normal for him.

I do have to blog a little about how JCPenney just bothers me. You know how Kohl’s always has online coupons for free shipping and percents off. Macy’s does as well. It is near impossible to find any for JCPenney. However, I found one for $10 off. I also joined that JCPenney rewards thing and earned $10 off. So…the JCPenney rewards says it can be redeemed with any other offer. I found a Dallas Cowboy’s shirt on their website, that was overpriced, like most of the stuff at JCPenney (even when their stuff is on sale I can¬†most always¬†find it cheaper somewhere else…like the Christmas pjs for Nick…on sale for $12 at JCP, while that same day the exact same pjs were on sale at Kohl’s for $8). I tried to use the codes, but it wouldn’t take the rewards certificate, it only took the coupon code. I e-mailed customer service and told them about my problem.

Their response, “We’re sorry you can’t find where to enter the code.”

What? Yeah, they apparently didn’t even read my e-mail and just sent me a canned response. So, I e-mailed them again. Their response the second time, “You can’t use two codes at once.” When it clearly states on the certificate that it can be combined with other offers. I e-mailed them back again, but I’m not holding my breath for any help. I’ll be sticking to Kohl’s and Macy’s from now on.

Even a month ago, though, this would have really bothered me. I probably would have called and complained instead of just being like, Oh well, guess I’ll just get to go to Kohl’s more often. I got rid of some negative influences in my life and it really has helped just brighten things. I tried to do this a couple times earlier but it never really stuck. This time, though, will be different. I just feel lighter.

The closer it gets to the holidays the more I’m looking forward to them. I can’t wait to see the family again and to see Nicholas experience his first Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would like to introduce Nick to our old Thanksgiving tradition. My favorite Thanksgivings (well, since I’ve been an adult…my true favorites included my momma of course) were the ones where I’d stuff myself silly, then Lisa, Jason, and I would go get a couple movies. We’d usually watch one and then I’d fall asleep during the other. This might sound boring to you, but I loved it. Bryan got to experience this with us last year, so this year I hope we can do it again. Nicholas I’m sure will nap during the movie, but we’ll probably try to get something he’d like just in case. Too bad the new Christmas Carol probably won’t be out on DVD by then. He’d probably think that was pretty.

Well, another cup of coffee is down, thus signaling the end of my break time. Here is another Nick pic to get you through your day. Have a good one all!



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