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Raising My Nick: A Parenting Blog Part II

Posted by nattya61 on October 21, 2009

I’ve found a few blogs (added to my Blogroll) that make me and Bryan feel like relatively normal parents when it comes to raising Nick. As I’ve said before, he’s my baby, but I don’t want to baby him so much that he grows up acting like a baby. I want Nick to be self-sufficient and worldly. I don’t want him to go over to a friend’s house and be like, “Oh, I can’t do this or watch that because it’s bad.” Seriously, that would just be annoying. That is one good thing about living around here. Although people might try to censor a child’s mind (which won’t happen in our home), they tend to be more open when it comes to letting kids be kids in other ways. It is still acceptable for a grandpa to take his grandson fishing without fear that he might get hurt by the hook or something. I’ve had fish hooks stuck in me before. It hurts, but they come out. It’s still acceptable for kids to play in the mud or get their knees scratched up. Now, I won’t be playing in the mud with Nick because dirt isn’t my thing, but as long as he doesn’t get the house dirty, he can do his thing.

I found this cartoon that’s sure to offend someone, but I thought it was hilarious. People need to lighten up and laugh and relax a bit. And yes, I know I’m sounding more and more like my dad every day. I’m good with that.


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