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It’s Like Living on Sesame Street

Posted by nattya61 on October 20, 2009

It’s such a nice sunny day! Yesterday they replaced that master switch thingy on our apartments. I’ve been trying to research if corrosion on that switch and it’s components could facilitate those power surges, but I can’t find anything. I do know that could have been the cause of all our lights flickering, so at least I know that is fixed. Do any readers know anything about this? I’m still so paranoid about it. We haven’t had a surge or a flicker since Oct. 6th, though!

I’m so excited to give Nick his Build-A-Bear for Christmas. I just hope I can wait that long. If anyone is looking for anything to get Nick for Christmas, they have a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow outfit on their website. Sooo cute! Around Christmas we are going to buy a Christmas outfit for little Pup. They should have them in stores by then. I might buy him a pair of shoes too, but I don’t know yet…and a pair of pajamas.  Ok. Yes, I need to stop. I’ll wait and get some of this other stuff for Nick’s birthday.

I need to call Linda later today and thank her for being a good Grandma to Nicholas. As much as I’ve complained about her in the past, I have to say that she is amazing with him and treats him with love and kindness. I am very thankful for that. Nicholas will have Linda, Gail, and Gloria as great grandma figures and Grandpa Gary and Grandpa Kendall as loving and playful grandpas. He is a very lucky boy.

Nick at just one month little!

Nick at just one month little!


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