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Lots of Evil…Part II

Posted by nattya61 on October 19, 2009

If you live in or around Springfield, go see Evil Dead the Musical! It’s hilarious!

After a good greasy dinner at Chili’s we headed downtown to the Vandivort Center. It’s an old but pretty building with a small theater on the 4th floor. The play started with the song “Cabin in the Woods” and just got funnier from there. If you’ve seen the movies and get their humor, then you’ll like the play. It really wasn’t as bloody as I was expecting, but even in the 4th row, I got splattered a bit. Bryan doesn’t like musicals, but he even told me to look and see if they have a soundtrack available for this one. I think Nicholas would have loved it.

I will say, the little boy playing Ash was no Bruce Campbell, but really, who is? He still did a good job and was still able to maintain Ash as the star. The little guy who played Scott was great! Granted, he had the best material, but he had a great delivery. Overall, it was really nice to see a show that made me forget I was in the black hole of southwest Missouri for a bit (i.e. a place where people will probably line up for blocks to see that new Little House on the Prairie musical, no matter how good or bad the acting/singing is).


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