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Lots of Evil in My Weekend Part I

Posted by nattya61 on October 19, 2009

Well, the inlaws were here this weekend. They got here on Thursday, but didn’t come over to our place until around 3:30 Friday afternoon. Bryan’s dad loves little Nicholas. Nicholas loves him too and I think he’d take to him even more if he got to see him more often. As far as Bryan’s step mother goes…she’s another story all together. Bryan says she doesn’t like kids too much. I believe him. That woman is something else. We appreciate that they came to visit, absolutely, and love it that they bought Nicholas a cute little toy car, some cute clothes, and a box of diapers. They try, but I just absolutely do not understand how Bryan was able to live with that woman for years without going completely mad. As I’ve written in a previous blog, she is extremely religious. However, she’s so extreme with it that even Bryan’s youth pastor when he was still living in Texas even told Bryan he was surprised she hadn’t driven Bryan completely crazy yet either. Yeah, she’s that bad. Every damn time she’s here she gives us some sort of religious knickknack sort of thing. That’s fine at first, but now it’s just old. She also will try to goad us into religious arguments. She hates Halloween too (as it’s the “devil’s holiday”), but she shockingly didn’t say anything about our Halloween decorations. When Bryan was growing up she would throw out any music she deemed inappropriate. She wouldn’t let him watch any movie rated over G, and she still won’t watch movies that aren’t rated G (yes, I’m serious). There is something wrong with her.

I can ignore all of that stuff, though, because I like Bryan’s dad. They are a packaged deal, so we have to be nice to her to keep him in our lives. This is going to become harder and harder I feel. Here’s why. She wanted to cut Nicholas’s hair. She is completely against us letting it grow out (I guess it says in the Bible somewhere that boys should have short hair…who the hell knows). We told her, do not touch it. What happens? We get home from our night out, and she’s cut his hair. We didn’t realize it at first, but we can tell now. She trimmed it. Gah! She also snooped through our stuff…and we get home, put Nicholas to bed…he starts screaming. While I’m trying to calm him down from his screaming she has the gall to ask, right then and there, “Where’s his I Love Jesus mini license plate” thingy that she gave us the last time he was there. We of course threw it out, but now wasn’t the time to try to have a discussion with her of how we refuse to let our infant son be indoctrinated into any religious belief system. Bryan said it’s because she just has absolutely no consideration or care for children. I think it’s just because she’s crazy.

Bryan and I decided that Nicholas will never be left in her care by himself again. We will keep the peace and let them spend time with him, but never without at least one of us there too. We just can’t risk her treating him like she treated Bryan when he was living with her. She was downright abusive to him, and I will not let that happen to my child. Bryan had a really hard night last night. He’s really upset, but he doesn’t feel like anything he would say to her would do any good. I’m apt to agree. It’s a tough situation.PupEKendall

The last two nights Nicholas has not wanted to go to bed, and then he’ll sleep, but start crying around 3AM, so he’s spent his early mornings sleeping with us. I feel so bad for the little guy. We didn’t know he would have it that bad. Poor thing. Yesterday we went to Build A Bear and he got to pick out the one he wanted for Christmas. He picked this little puppy. He was uninterested in the bears, but he seemed to love this little puppy. He picked out a football outfit for him to wear. After Nicholas went to bed last night we dressed it and put it in the box. I’ll be excited for Nicholas to open it on Christmas because I don’t think he realized that we actually bought it. It’ll be so cute!

It’s time for me to sign off of here for a bit. In my next blog I’ll tell you all about the play. Despite everything, Bryan and I had a wonderful date night with Evil Dead the Musical and Chili’s. Until next time…


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