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One Hour Left Until It’s Weekend Time!

Posted by nattya61 on October 16, 2009

During my lunch break Bryan made me scrambled eggs and waffles, then we went to deposit his paycheck and to Toys R Us to snag another free canister of Happy Baby Puffs. I was going to post the coupon here, but I didn’t get a chance to as the deal is now gone. Sorry guys. I’m glad we ended up getting two.

Bryan’s parents are in town. Yay! They haven’t seen Nicholas since he was a month old. Boy, will they be surprised at how much he’s grown. Tomorrow night they are going to babysit so Bryan and I can have a date night. We’re going to eat at Chili’s with our Blue Cross Points gift card (insurance is good for something). I might get ribs for a change. I’ve been starving lately. It’s really odd. Then after dinner we are going to go see Evil Dead the Musical at the Vandivort Center. Sooo excited! I’ve wanted to see that since I first heard about it. It’s Bruce Campbell approved, so it’s gotta be good.cheesecake

I’m probably going to make another version of this next weekend, but I don’t want to make cherry again. What flavor should I make, peeps? I’m going to make one with spice cake and cream cheese icing for Thanksgiving. Maybe strawberry for next weekend?

Well, I should probably sign off for now. 45 minutes until I’m out of here! Wohoo! I think I’ve posted all of the Nick pics that I have for now, so I apologize if this one is a repeat. He’s just such a cutie!



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