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Mall Trip

Posted by nattya61 on October 14, 2009

Last night Bryan was off of work and needed to get his hair cut (his parents are coming into town this weekend, so he wanted to spiff up a bit). We decided we might as well go to the mall so we could shop and get his hair cut all in one place. He ended up getting his hair cut at Mastercuts. I found a $2 off coupon online for them, but even with that it was overpriced. The lady did a good job, though, and it was still a fun little trip.

We learned that Nick’s favorite store now is Hot Topic. I don’t know if he liked the music or the clothes, but he was happy as a clam while we were in there. At a toy store he’ll act as bored as can be, but take him into a grocery store or Hot Topic and he’ll bounce around and coo the whole time. He is a very unique child.

We finally got Nick his winter gear. Well, most of it. We went to Old Navy and  bought him this coat.NickCoat It was on sale for $30, which seems like a lot, but stay with me. It’s the exact one I wanted. I wanted something that would still match most of his clothes already (hence the blue), but something different enough he wouldn’t match every little boy he sees (yay bright green!). The hood is removable, which is a plus. It has a little tag on the inside for me to write his name (so cute!), and they had it in 18-24 month size. It fits now, but is a bit too big, meaning he’ll fit into it perfectly by the end of winter.

We got these boots to match:
NickBootsI really like them.  They are cute, and still kiddish, but they will be very easy to get on, and will fit over socks or without. They’ll also match pretty much everything Nick owns. They look like they’ll be pretty comfortable too, and for a boy who hates shoes in general, they have to be functional and comfortable, or we’d never hear the end of it. We got these in a size 7 (18-24 months) too, since size 5/6 fits him perfectly right now.

We also bought Nick another pair of blue fleece pants (size 18-24 months) since he’s growing out of his 12 month stuff already. We cleaned up. Everything was 10% off, and yesterday was triple points day (see, getting to the part of why $30 didn’t matter). So, in a couple weeks I’ll be getting another $10 off certificate in the mail, since the points from these will add up to one. So, with the 10% off we essentially got the boots for free, and with the $10 certificate, I’ll be able to go back and get one of these sets for around 50 cents:

I have no idea what size to get for these though, since Nick’s head is so big.  I’ll probably just take him with me so he can try it on.

We also each got a free cookie at the mall too. That’ll teach you to make fun of my coupons. Everyone loves a cookie!


One Response to “Mall Trip”

  1. Emily said

    Yay, you got the boots! Everything’s really cute. Ya’ll did good!

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